Offering Foreign Worker Recruitment and Immigration Services to Canadian Companies and Foreign Workers Alike.

One Stop Immigration Services helps Canadian employers find temporary foreign workers to fulfill a constantly growing labour shortage. One Stop offers friendly and comprehensive assistance to employers who want to concentrate on what they do and let the professionals handle their immigration needs.

One Stop Immigration Services also works very closely with the TFWs (Temporary Foreign Workers), helping them with all the steps in immigrating as well as any needs they may have when settled in Canada (like applying for Permanent Residence or Work Permit Extension).

At One Stop, there are recent immigrants on staff who know first hand the stress of leaving home and families as well as the excitement of landing in Canada to a whole new land of opportunity. This, aside from being ICCRC accredited, enables One Stop to be familiar with the process of immigration and help in every step of the way to make the workers’ transition as smooth and exciting as possible.

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Recruitment Staff


Kerry Peterson

Saskatchewan Licensed Recruiter


Kerry has spent his whole life involved in agriculture, including 30 years as a primary producer. Kerry understands the serious shortage of skilled labour in agriculture and other Saskatchewan businesses and will meet with you to explain how One Stop can help you with your farm or business.


Ed Atcheson

Recruitment Coordinator

Ed brings many years of experience working primarily with Farmers and Ag Business. In addition, Ed’s years of training and managing employees gives him a good picture of not only the needs of Saskatchewan employers, but the ability to screen and help employers select the individuals best suited to their employment needs.


Immigration Staff


Maria Llana (Annie) Llamanzares-Abad, RCIC 

Saskatchewan Licensed Immigration Consultant and Recruiter

Assists applicants to understand immigration regulations and temporary foreign work program of Canada, and to complete and represent their application.


Certifications and Licenses

One Stop Immigration Services Ltd. is represented by a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, Maria Llana (Annie) Llamanzares-Abad, RCIC (R513580), who is a member in good-standing of Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). Please find more information at the ICCRC website.

We are authorized representatives certified under FWRISA or Foreign Worker Recruitment and Immigration Services Act (Licence Number 000140 and Licence Number 000387) of Government of Saskatchewan.

One Stop Immigration Services Ltd. is an accredited international student agent of DLI schools of Saskatchewan Polytechnic.


Maria Llana (Annie) Llamanzares-Abad, RCIC

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